Make a mask!

"Let us not forget the mask in our attempts to stall the spread of COVID-19"
International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease1

And why is the UK the only country NOT recommending masks?

The basics   The UK

The basics
Masks definitely can:

• help stop you giving someone else the coronavirus,
• help stop you infecting yourself by touching your face,
• remind you of other safety measures (surface cleaning etc).
There is a worldwide shortage of medical masks - so make your own!

Why masks make sense

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A mask protects you and everyone else

In Japan people often wear surgical masks when they are ill so they don't infect family, friends or colleagues. With Covid-19 rampant, isn't us wearing a mask just good manners in case we have the virus?

There are many benefits in wearing a mask during the current epidemic:

  • It will help stop you directly infecting others if you sneeze or cough;
  • You cannot touch your mouth and nose which harbour the active virus
    - so you won't have the virus on your hands (to pass on to others) also, if you touch an infected surface if your hands do not touch your face you will NOT get infected (remember to wash thoroughly though!);
  • It will significantly reduce the risk of you getting Covid-19!
you can help Flatten the curve
Just tell me Make how to a mask

Stop press: Mask page now includes
list of 10 mask resources.

Masks stops people spraying you...

The most common person-to-person transmission is from a sneeze or a cough. If someone sneezes near you droplets are thrown into the air and aerosols (very tiny droplets that float in the air) are formed. A paper towel mask should keep the droplets at bay and will significantly lower the amount of aerosol that gets to you.

... and you spraying other people

If you are infected and sneeze or cough YOU will create droplets and aerosols. And do not forget you may be infectious BEFORE you have any symptoms. (However it does appear that people are MOST infectious when they have the worst symptoms.)

Make a mask

They stop you touching your face Part I - no virus on your hands

Studies show we touch our face somewhere between 400 and 2,500 times a day! If you get sick your lungs become irritated and produce excess, Covid-19 infected, mucus. The area around your nose and mouth becomes a danger zone. Touch this area and you get the virus on your hands. Your hands touch a table, a cabbage or whatever and the rest is history!

They stop you touching your face Part II - you won't get infected

You can only get Covid-19 if it gets into your insides. It doesn't pass through skin, it's not passed on having sex, it gets into you via your nose, mouth and your eyes. (NB: The OUTSIDE of your mask could carry the virus.)

Make a mask

A good, scary, educational film

Steven Soderbergh's 2011 movie shows the problems of dealing with a virulent virus that spreads rapidly and is difficult to treat. It's fiction but overall, it gets 9/10 as a Covid-19 explainer. Watch on or

1. International Journal of TB and Lung Disease article here

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